JHUPhageHunters is the official blog of the phage hunting project lab of Johns Hopkins University. Supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute as part of the Science Education Alliance, this freshman-only lab affords two dozen students the opportunity to dig in the dirt and isolate a phage — a virus that infects a bacterium — of their own.  This blog does not represent the views of JHU nor HHMI, but is instead the musings — and the occasional rant — of a bunch of people fortunate enough to be able to mess about in lab for a few hours a week, learn a few things, and maybe name a phage.

2 Responses to About

  1. emilyjanefisher says:

    If you’re ever unsure about whether to plate the negative control, I would be happy to convince you to do it 🙂

  2. What a nice blog. I discovered the bacteriophage world two months ago and I just managed to isolate some viruses with reproducibility. It gave me the urge for phage hunt and I feel like a naturalist from the XIXth century. It’s a pleasure to read these experiences lived by young scientists and to note that I’m confrontated to the same problems with the same candor whereas I don’t think I can be considered as a beginner. May your hunt be successfull and keep blogging !

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