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I always get stuck on these little "About Me" boxes. How do I put 20 years of life and personality into words? How can I use 140 characters to tell someone what I dream about, what I think, the terrible jokes I tell, the embarrassing things I do everyday? I'm Samantha. I have the humor of a 13 year old boy, I like spicy foods and chocolate, but not candy (especially grape and apple flavors). I love cooking (or I might call it improvising on a college student's budget and resources) and I'm surviving pretty well on a diet of hack-and-slash japanese food and bro-tein. My jokes are terrible, and my puns are even worse but I'll never stop trying. I mostly laugh at myself, but I'll laugh with you and at you about 40% of the time. I talk too much in awkward situations because I fear awkward silences. I write bad poetry to rewind and I read dark poetry to relax. I like beaches but I don't like seawater or sand. I like small, furry animals but I saw a mouse in my room once and flipped out and now I don't like small, furry animals very much. I'm stubborn and not easily persuaded but I like persuading my friends to do stupid things. My favourite quote and the one I live by is: “Be crazy! But learn how to be crazy without being the center of attention. Be brave enough to live different.” - Paulo Coelho

The Secret to Phages? Be a BOSS.

by Samantha Siow It’s been a long journey. There have been too many times when my partner and I have asked ourselves, “How much longer? Where are the phages? Is there something wrong with us? Do we smell bad? Is … Continue reading

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