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Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Biology, Johns Hopkins University. Entered school at the age of 4 and has been there ever since. Graduated from Hillsboro (OR) High School (1982; Go Spartans!), Oregon State University (B.A., Microbiology, 1986; Go Beavs!), and Harvard University (Ph.D., Immunology, 1992; Go Massive Endowment!). Huge fan of Ivan Doig, Molly Ivins (R.I.P.), Adele, and working at the lab bench. Can bake a mean chocolate chip cookie, and can hold my own in Crazy Eights marathons against my daughter.

Of Mice, Men, Professors

As you know if you read Eve’s post, in June there was a symposium celebrating the work of phage hunters from across the country.  The SEA (now PHAGES) program has been holding the annual meeting from its inception.  The students … Continue reading

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by Luke Jenusaitis Not three months ago we were hands on in a lab, getting elbow deep in plaques, and DNA material. This semester is a very different type of lab. During class now we are surfing the web non-stop. … Continue reading

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One Week In

One week into the semester, two meetings of the lab, and the 24 students we started with are all still here.  What do we know? We Got Some Characters.  Our two dozen Phage Hunters are pretty much how you would … Continue reading

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How Does One Capture a Phage?

Phage are everywhere —- some estimate that they constitute the greatest biomass on Earth.  Although ubiquitous, you must expend some effort to isolate one.  How does one capture a phage?  This summer, while I was at Janelia Farm, the research … Continue reading

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What’s this all about?

The Hopkins Phage Hunters lab is the JHU version of a project lab sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through their Science Education Alliance.  HHMI provides training for instructors and teaching assistants, as well as support (material and moral) … Continue reading

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