The Race to Phage Olympics

By Stephanie Hernandez

Less than two weeks until we find out whose phage is the king of all phages. We must choose the very best to represent phage-hunters everywhere. I have moved away from streaking and dilution series to focus on DNA prep and Electron Microcopy. The DNA prep was a nice change from the usual streaking and dilutions, although it was even more stressful because there was more room for error. Decanting the supernatant liquid was probably the most stressful part of lab because you couldn’t disturb the pellet, which sounds easy. Mind you the pellet is very hard to distinguish against the liquid and the tube was tiny. However, the result from quantifying my DNA was encouraging. Using the EM machine was one of the highlights of my phage hunting experience. Even observing the preparation of the copper EM grid was fascinating. The images shown of my phages by the EM machine were so microscopic you could see individual phages. Viewing my phages was mind blowing. I could spend hours looking at bacteria under that microscope. Now all I have to do is convince my class how awesome my phages are.

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