DNA Prep and Electron Microsopy

By Jinny Huang

Phage hunting is by far the most interesting class I have this semester.  It requires hands-on work rather than sitting in a small classroom or huge lecture hall for an hour trying not to fall asleep.  It is also much different from high school labs that I took, where the directions are super vague and they make you try to puzzle out the lab as you do it.  Also, the lab notebook guidelines are much more relaxed, and I no longer have to write all my data in pencil and then retrace it in pen in order to not get points taken off for inaccurate data.  I can proudly say this is the only class I’ve never skipped once the whole semester.

I actually started one class period later than the rest of my peers, so for the first few classes I was behind.  I managed to catch up during the streaking portion, because my phage was quite easy to isolate so I didn’t have to streak as many times as other people.

So far, my phage isolation process has been going pretty well.  I managed to isolate one distinct looking phage, calculate my MTL and HTL, and start the DNA prep and EM.  I just analyzed my DNA prep today and it seems as though my DNA is pure and I have a decent concentration.  I was actually pleasantly surprised by my DNA analysis results because I accidentally messed up a few of the steps of the DNA prep.  I also started the electron microscopy today; however, the centrifuge was broken so I have to wait until next time to finish it.



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One Response to DNA Prep and Electron Microsopy

  1. leilz22 says:

    I completely agree with your statement that Phage Hunting is much more enthralling than the typical lecture class, and that being able to work hands on makes the lab interesting and fun. I also had a relatively easy time isolating my phage, which left extra time to figure out an ideal streaking technique! Coming from a bunch of tedious lab classes in high school, the laid-back lab notebook and concise procedures are quite refreshing.

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