We’ve reached the end!

By Justin Decker

From the start of the semester to this very busy week, the Phage Hunting course is over.  Left though is a bittersweet feeling.  While it is nice to have isolated a novel bacteriophage in the wet lab, it’s sad that I won’t be able to work more in the lab and with the same people.  Everyone contributed to a relaxed, amicable feeling in lab, and it really added to the excitement each time.  It was a pleasure to work with my peers, as they were always willing to help and always so cheerful.  I’ll miss seeing and working with some of the new friends I made there.

In the culmination of the experiments conducted in wet lab, there was an event in the Mudd commons where groups of students in phage lab presented posters on their work.  Not only that, but there were also posters that other students had made from different classes on myriad, scientific topics.  I had never known that students could get so involved in certain research projects at Johns Hopkins, but seeing all the posters on display, it quickly became apparent that it is possible!  The event was so much fun, and there was even pizza.

In the end, phage lab was so much fun, and it was a delight to work with the other students, Dr. Fisher, and Dr. Schildbach.  I’m so happy to have had this opportunity!

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