Crossing the Finish Line

By Sarah Cohen

Unfortunately, as the semester ends, so does our time with our phages that we worked so hard to nurture and keep alive (as college students it’s hard enough to keep ourselves alive). Our final class period was spent presenting our projects instead of working further with the phages. As sad as it was to not be in lab, it was exciting to see all of the work come together.

As I frantically studied up on my procedure before the big presentation, for the first time, I fully understood everything that had been done in lab in order to arrive at my isolated phage– Swimmie (named after my sister’s goldfish). It was nice to see it all come together and mean something. Also comforting was the teamwork that I encountered as my group helped each other gather up the courage to speak about these formerly abstract ideas. Phage lab not only helped me learn about bacteriophages and valuable laboratory techniques, but it also helped make friends that I would never have met otherwise. Overall, my experience as a phage hunter was a great one.

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