Phun in Phage

By Eric Kang

With the academic year coming to an end I thought that this would be a good time to reflect on the past semester and the entire year in phage hunting. Phage hunting has been a lot of fun and a valuable experience.

Although phage lab was a great time in general some parts were a bit duller than others. Specifically, gene annotation tended to get a bit tedious towards the end.  For some strange reason I just don’t get as excited about Shine-Delgarno Scores as I do for checking the results of my plates. That being said, it was awesome to know that I am contributing to a huge database of phage genomes and provided valuable, novel information to the scientific community.

The most rewarding aspect was definitely designing my own experiment. Unfortunately, I set goals that were far too lofty to be reached in the short time span, but it motivated me to start asking questions and thinking about research.  All in all phage lab was awesome and the most enjoyable class I had this year!


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