Thank God for Wet Lab

By Cait Barrett

I’m so glad that we’re finally back in the wet lab. DNA annotating was interesting, and I learned a lot about the process, but I honestly didn’t really understand much about what we were doing or why. Also, I really missed my own phage. And I would much rather understand my own phage’s DNA, because it’s my phage. And as I wrote my last blog post about, I really like my phage. So that’s what I’m attempting to do now, sequence Psyche’s (my phage) DNA, even if I don’t have time to annotate it or understand it. As much as I didn’t really understand any of the computer programs that we used for DNA annotating, I’m still just as lost in the wet lab as I was before. Well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. I know know the mechanics of what I’m doing, but I don’t really know why I’m doing what I’m doing, or what the results of my actions mean. That has not changed from last semester. And that’s something I have become okay with. I appreciate the opportunity to do something that I never would have gotten to do as a history major.

Despite the fact that I ran a gel three times last semester, Dr. Fisher and Katie made the gel and helped me out a lot, because my shaky hands complicated things. Now I have to pour my own gel and do everything myself, and it’s kind of intimidating. But as much as I complain, it’s nice to see that I’m trusted to be able to do my own work. To be able to learn how to make the gel and run it all on my own is kind of incredible, especially for a non-science major. Even if I don’t understand the results that I will get, at least I can say I did it all on my own.

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