Fin Phage

By Alexander Peterson

As my time in phage lab draws to a close, I realize that the people and place, not the scientific process, have made the greatest impression on me. This is partly due to the nature of the science. Methodical tasks such as plating phage dilutions in wet lab or analyzing large volumes of data according to the computational approach allow my mind to wander and occupy itself with scenery or other people. But this phenomenon is also a testament to the collaborative nature of science (we discuss ideas and socialize constantly), the involvement of stimulating professors (Dr. Schildbach’s quirky sense of humor was greatly appreciated) , and the fact that the phage hunters have the best lab in the UTL: ground floor, with a transparent window-wall that makes you feel like you’re outside (while allowing you to enjoy indoor heating). When the weather’s nice, children play right outside the window and phage lab takes on an idyllic air; everyone enjoys being there. It’s a far cry from intro chem lab where students just try to leave as quickly as possible. Thank you to everybody in the phage-lab family for making this such a great experience!

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