Technical Difficulties

By Maggie Lederer

I’ve always thought of myself as somewhat tech-savvy and I swear by my Macbook Pro.

At the beginning of the semester, we were asked to download Virtual Box, a program that allows you to create a virtual hard drive so we could access our software, on Windows, and a database, in Linux. As a class, we all struggled to get our respective machines working. However, most of my classmates managed to figure it out. I did not. Four classes later, I still had not. After failed attempt after failed attempt, with Dr. Schildbach’s help and some Google expertise, we managed to get my Linux virtual hard drive working.

One down, one to go.

I watched as the class progressed on without me for a couple weeks. Finally, a month and a half into the semester, it was time for us to start annotating and I still did not have Windows 7, let alone the correct annotation program. At that point I would have given my left arm for the creator of DNA Master to make a version compatible with Mac. My Mac has a broken disc drive and therefore no way to use the CD to install Windows. My computer also failed to recognize each of the three disc drives I tried to use. After many creative attempts and some help from Jorge, a very friendly Windows employee, I managed to get the software on a USB and then back on my computer. I finally thought this was the solution. Wrong. After several hours of trying to follow Dr. Schildbach’s tinkering with my now loathed computer, the Windows logo appeared on my screen. I have never been happier to see that four-leafed, rainbow flag in my life. I have also gained infinite respect for Dr. Schildbach’s computer skills. With my technological problems in the past (hopefully), I can finally get to the easy part: annotating the genome.

Two months later, I’ve realized that I know practically nothing about computers and I despise my computer.

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