The Eternal Struggle

By Jody Law

Honestly, if I could sum up this semester in one word, it would be “confused”. Last semester, we had a lab manual that was easy to follow (even though we deviated quite a bit). I felt like I understood everything, and everything worked out well. However, this semester, everything changed. I haven’t even stepped foot in the lab. I miss my lab coat, goggles, agar plates, and phages! But now, all I do is struggle as I try to figure out the complex workings of DNA Master, and having a Mac makes the process much harder. From the start of downloading all the programs to finally annotating the the gene, I have been utterly lost and confused. Once I understand and successfully accomplish a step, I am told to move on to the next step which leaves me confused once again. I have to say it. BLASTing has definitely not been a blast.

Please don’t misunderstand me, though. I still love the class. I feel like this semester, I’ve gotten closer to a lot of my classmates and Dr. Schildbach. We even took an awesome selfie at High Table! Overall, I believe this struggle is something that almost everyone in the class shares, so I think of it as a special bond. And if we keep working hard, we will all make it through. Eventually.

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