The Struggles of Not Eating Lunch

By Ellie Wenneker

We are now more than three weeks into the semester and still no genome…the only major accomplishment has been the successful download and installation of all the software needed for the semester: Windows, Phamerator, and DNA Master.  It was a long fought battle between the computer and me.  The week leading up to the semester, I struggled to download and install windows onto my computer.  Cooped up in my room in Hopkins Inn, I sat in front of my 2.5 year-old MacBook Pro hoping that at least one of the programs would actually work.  None did.

The first day back in Phage Hunters, all I had eaten was some oatmeal at 9:30 that morning.  Class started at 1 PM, and I was hoping I would be in and out of UTL G89 within an hour so I could finally eat some food.  Unfortunately, downloading Windows in class proved more of a struggle than trying to download it in my dorm.  Nothing seemed to work until I got my hands on a copy of Windows XP.  I inserted the disc and it began to install!  It was already 2 pm at that point, and I was hoping the installation would go quickly.  It did not.  I waited and waited, nibbling on fruit leather I found in my bag.

Finally after 40 minutes, Windows had downloaded.  Ready to get up and get food, I was then told I needed to download DNA Master as well.  Frustrated and starving, I opened my computer and ran Windows.  When I clicked to download DNA Master, it said I needed 1 gigabyte of storage, but I only had 512 megabytes.  I had to shut it all down and change the storage amount in Windows.  I had no problem with the Internet before, but this second time when I tried to get on the Internet in Windows, it no longer worked. I spent at least 30 minutes struggling with the Internet settings in Windows, testing every possible combination of proxies and connection types.  When I was ready to quit, the TA changed one setting I missed…“Cable Connected.”  With this, I was finally able to download DNA Master.

As soon as DNA Master downloaded, I booked it out of there to fill myself up on mediocre food from the FFC.

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