Phage oh phage show me your face

By Zachary “ZachAttack” King

So, I just have finished making my HTL (high titer lysate) and will soon be taking my phage to be analyzed by an electron microscope. This is a really really super duper extra special type of awesome. I can’t keep wondering what it might look like. I feel like a nervous suitor on a blind date wondering what I’m in for. What will she look like? Will she have two tails? An extra thick head? I stay up at night drawing the most gorgeous and extravagant features of my mysterious little phage.

However, the irony is that, even if my phage is as plain and straight laced as Angela Merkel, I’m still going to love it. How could I not when I’ve devoted the last two months to finding this specific phage among all the others that I originally had in my sample? I’ve sacrificed billions upon billions of poor smeg. bacteria just to keep my mistress phage alive and pure. I regret nothing but now I have come too far to not see what she looks like. Even if my phage turns out to be as ugly as an 8am midterm I’ll still love her. She’s my phage and I can’t wait to see her face.

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