PhageHunter or BassHunter?

By Daniel Jimenez

While a class about BassHunter is “All I Ever Wanted”, I am content with my class this semester, Phage Hunters. Similar to most other freshman last summer I was rushing to select the best classes possible. I had chosen Chemistry, Calculus, Neuroscience, and a Tuberculosis seminar, and just as a back up Phage Hunters. Who would have thought Phage Hunters ended up being my favorite class? The first assignment for the class was to collect a sample of dirt; my first idea was to bring soil from Mexico, but then I thought about it and realized that breaks at least a few federal laws. So when I got to Hopkins I acquired my sample 15 minutes before class, and hoped no one would notice. To my surprise everyone did the same thing. I guess everyone hoped no one would notice. After going to the wrong classroom, I was in for a surprise. The facilities provided to us for Phage Hunters were a complete shock. I came in expecting a high school looking lab with everything being older than the president, but everything was state of the art. I honestly could not believe it for a few minutes. I have never been to a lab like this, in which my classmates and I conduct the actual research.

During the first few weeks of this class I have enjoyed every single minute of it, and I think I will never get bored of it. I have streaked , plated, harvested phage, and now I am using an electron microscope to try to identify some features of the phage. An electron microscope! This class just keeps getting better and better. Anyone who is interested in phages, bacteria, or biology in general should take this class as it will not only give a true experience in a lab but will also increase the constant drive for new knowledge.

I never saw myself being in a place like this; I only dreamed of it. This class has opened my eyes to a whole new section of science. In high school I believed biology was simply memorizing your textbook for the final exam, but through this class I have realized biology is about experimentation in real life not simply reading about them in a book.

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