End Comments

By Randy Cruz

Well, it is the end of the first semester which is sad. Why? Covered grades are gone next semester! In all seriousness, it is always a bit melancholy to see a chapter close. The first semester was full of new experiences and opportunities. I still need to refine what I do and how I do it in the coming semester, but one thing that I am excited to continue is my experience in Phage Hunting. Let me recount the journey in the lab.

In general, I found this particular lab work to be enjoyable. It was something to look forward to early in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays (that is, if I woke up on time), unlike the dreaded Thursday afternoons when I had chemistry lab. Both are very different experiences and I found that Phage Hunting is definitely the more enjoyable one. I think one of the reasons it was more enjoyable was because it was much easier to see your work in progress. You can see the plaques all of your beautiful phages made and after EM you can see your phage! It was all just indescribable.

Now, the name I chose for my phage is ElFluff. Why this name? I named it this after Thanksgiving. For thanksgiving I went back home and spent time with my family. One of my family members, my dog, is named Fluffy. I named when him when I was 12. He is a wonderful dog. When I came back I missed him dearly. It also helped that, comparatively, my phage had a shorter tail than the rest and Fluffy has a very short, almost, non-existant tail. So, I decided to name the phage TheFluffy. However, this proved to not be as a masculine sounding name I wanted. So, I renamed the phage TheFluff and sent it in. Unfortunately, me being stupid, I forgot that you cannot use the word “The” in phage names. So, I decided to name my phage ElFluff.

Now, there are a few days until I go back home and I am excited to see my dog Fluffy again! His legacy will live on with my phage: ElFluff.

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