What to do? What to Say?

By Randy Cruz

Today was a rather uneventful day at the lab. I had completed my electron microscopy and my high titer lysate. The next step was DNA purification. Since DNA purification is a lot of waiting and there was not enough time for any sort of preparation today it will be done on Tuesday.

So, what did I do today? I prepared for DNA purification by transferring 10 mL of my HTL to an Oak Ridge tube. This was pretty much all the work I did. I could have left rather quickly, but I didn’t because it’s just always nice to be in the lab even if you are not really doing much. I took a photo of my plaque because I might as well join the Olympics!

Anyway, so far this class has been very rewarding. The work can get tedious and it is a lot of repetitions, especially if things just go wrong for whatever reason. But it is fun almost all the time (except the math). This is what I like, a hands-on experience at a lab. There’s always something that we learn and memorize that we do not fully see. For instance, chemistry. The concepts are important and the accompanying lab tries to help us see those concepts in action, which is good if the labs weren’t so boring or tedious. So far, we have learned about phages before and with this lab we can see what they do, how they look like, and characterize them.

“Oh my god! I have plaques!” is what I said when I had success in finally getting distinct plaques from the enrichment sample. Seeing my work in front of me, seeing the plaque that my phage made was just awesome. Now, I can finally see my phage. Words can’t really explain how awesome I think that is. Let’s just say I am proud to be in this course and I hope there are similar courses or research opportunities in my coming years at Hopkins.

Also, here is an image of My Precious.

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