Phage SCPB-7 (Super Crazy Powerful Billy)

By Shi (Andy) Huang

Wow. I think I am literally one of last in class in terms of isolation procedures.  I don’t blame myself. My SCPB-7,”Super Crazy Powerful Billy,” plaque just infects like crazy.

Like mostly everyone, I obtained my plaque soil sample from the local garden on Charles Street.  Everyone followed the same procedures, but some were unluckier than others.

I was one of the unfortunately few, including my fellow lab buddy Thomas (HTZ), who had very fast spreading plaques that would annihilate the entire M. smeg culture plates.

At first, I concluded that it is because I streaked incorrectly (I had originally designed my own strange streaking method which didn’t work so well); or I pressed down too hard… But no matter what procedure I performed or altered, such as (Bach/Fisher) T-streak or the classical streaking, nothing worked. That frustration . . . I was so behind.

Dr. Fisher introduced me to plan B, an alternative way to defeat this bad Billy.

Dilution to the 10-10!  After three long and exciting dilutions, I have finally isolated tiny, single plaques! Finally!!! But then I realized, oh darn, I am still behind everyone by at least a good two to three weeks…

Currently, I am doing a titer assay.

I may be behind, but my plaque is crazy powerful.  Watch out.  Slow and steady wins the race.

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