Choosing and Naming Your Favorite Child

By Samantha Lott

“You should just pick one.”

That is what one of the amazing Phage Lab volunteers told me in reference to my two phages.  I needed to abandon one of my little ones.  Whom should I shelf?  The general thought is that you should disown the “problem child,” the one that needs to be T-streaked and given extra hugs in the morning.  So there I was, with my cloudy plaque plates and my small clear plaque plates, ready to vote one them off of the island. I am sorry cloudy, but your brother is much less high maintenance.

After saying goodbye to the cloudy plaques, I had to officially name the chosen child.  To help inspire me, I examined the general characteristics of my phage; it produced pipette tip sized clear plaques that space nicely and evenly apart when diluted past 10-3.  I first thought of my phage’s characteristics as empty plates or glass circles, and the glass idea had potential. From my great love of Disney, I decided to name my phage GlassSlipper.  I chose that name because my plaques are transparent, and there is always a chance that the plaques might disappear due to contamination.  If this were to occur, I am sure it would always happen at midnight.  I know that others in my class accounted for general behavior of their phages when they named them, and I have been very lucky with my phage.  He is quite reliable and calm like an inanimate object; therefore, his name is appropriate.

So I say, “Choose with confidence, and name your new child with pride. “

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