STREAKING* IN THE LAB (Pics coming soon)

By Russell Hughes

I have to say, my favorite thing to do in the lab is streak. I run in, do my thing, and I’m out in time for lunch! That’s saying a lot when the first lab took 45 more minutes than scheduled.

Anyway, I have streaked for the last four meetings, so I consider myself an expert at it. I’ve had the most success going in a straight line then taking another starting position and running across that line. Then, starting from yet another position, I cross the second line and zigzag across the rest of the area. It seems to be the most effective method.

Unfortunately,  that may have been my last class exclusively streaking. Perhaps tomorrow I will have to start doing a serial dilution–which is not nearly as fun as streaking in the Phage Hunting/Genetics lab.

*Streaking is a procedure used to dilute phage populations down to a single species. It involved running an applicator stick (with phage on the tip) along the bottom agar of a petri dish. My preferred method is T-Streaking, which involves making a “t” then moving a stick through the bottom part of the t.

DISCLAIMER: I am merely punning on the word “streaking” in this blog post. I have never ran through the lab naked . . .

during our valuable class time.

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