Hunting the hunters…

By Anup Regunathan

Three classes. It’s only been three classes and we’ve already done much more than we have done in an entire year of AP Biology. But, in my opinion, we’ve also had a lot of fun doing it! Even though I, personally, didn’t get any results….

Actually…I think I should explain what we actually did. So for the first class, we were asked to bring in our own samples (I got mine from the Bufano Gardens). Now, I didn’t think that we were actually going to do anything. But I couldn’t have been further from the truth. We spent about a half-hour talking and the rest we spent in the lab.

When I walked into that lab, I anticipated at least another half-hour lecture on lab safety and the usual boring stuff. Luckily, we got straight into it! We got our own lab coats and journals. Of course not without the usual hustle to get the right size.

When all that was done, we finally began our work. Our first job was cleaning up our work area anddddd we used too much solution…but it turned out okay though! Then, of course, we started the actual plating process. That took a long while since it was our first time doing it. It was quite surprising how many steps we had to go through to get it right. For example, we always had to flame the bottles after we opened it and before we closed it. That, we had never done in high school. But I’m glad that we’re finally learning lab techniques that we can use in our future ventures.

After that first Friday class, we had to wait an entire weekend to see if we got any plaques on our plates. I’ve got to say that Monday could not come soon enough. But we couldn’t look at them immediately. We first went on a trip to the community gardens to obtain our samples. I got mine from near a tomato plant!

When we returned, we enriched the new samples and finally went to look at our old plates. Sadly, my excitement was not enough to get plaques. Well, I first was convinced that a bubble was a plaque….until I saw that it was the negative control. But it was okay and I directly plated again using the new sample.

Today, I looked at the samples that I plated on Monday. Unfortunately, it was the same result. So, now, I have plated new plates using the enriched samples. Let’s hope that I see some plaques on Monday!

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